Our work


AK Staging - NY

Over two decades, OTB Marketing Agency has proudly worked with AK Staging, a leading home staging firm in New York. Our collaboration spans comprehensive branding, website development, business card design, and creating informative newsletters to keep their clients engaged. We provide tailored marketing coaching, ensuring AK Staging’s team is equipped with strategies for success. Through regular weekly meetings, we maintain alignment with AK Staging’s goals, fostering a dynamic and goal-oriented support system.


We Move 4 U - Niagara Falls, ON

For over a year, our partnership with Peter Moore’s We Move 4 U has been instrumental in revolutionizing their online presence and offline branding efforts. In addition to crafting a 12-month marketing plan, monthly social media strategies, and targeted demographic plans, we’ve also designed their website, managed weekly blog posts, and created eye-catching business cards and door knockers. This holistic approach has positioned We Move 4 U for sustained growth and success by seamlessly integrating both online and offline marketing strategies.


NG Studios - Niagara Falls, ON

NG Photography Studios has engaged us to enhance their social media presence and marketing strategies. Through tailored monthly plans, we leverage their captivating photos to attract new clients. We’ve also created trustworthy landing pages and are crafting a brand story to showcase their high-quality services, positioning them as a premier photo studio offering diverse options from weddings to family sessions. Our collaborative efforts aim to establish NG Photography Studios as a top name in the industry.


Leslie Anderson Interiors - VA

In our weekly coaching strategy meetings with Leslie Anderson Interiors, we collaborate closely to achieve their marketing objectives, spanning various areas such as social media strategy, blogging, brochure design, listing packages, downloadable checklists, and beyond. By providing comprehensive support across these channels, we help Leslie Anderson Interiors effectively showcase their expertise and offerings, ultimately driving engagement and growth within their target audience.


Dunnville Chamber of Commerce - Dunnville ON

OTB Marketing Agency has collaborated closely with the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce, rebranding their logo to incorporate their brand story and crafting the motto “Together We Thrive.” We’ve provided ongoing marketing coaching and assisted in developing strategies that align with their vision for growth and community engagement. It’s been a rewarding journey, and we’re excited to continue supporting the Chamber as they advance toward their goals.


Tina Liscio - Bolton ON

For Tina Liscio, a leading real estate agent in Toronto, OTB Marketing Agency has collaborated through weekly meetings to tailor a dynamic social media strategy to amplify her rebrand and personality. Our monthly package includes engaging content, trust-building initiatives, and promotions of her services, all while showcasing her distinct brand. We also provide consistent communication to her network and deliver two insightful blogs monthly, enhancing Tina’s visibility and credibility in Toronto’s competitive real estate landscape.